COVID-19 Relief

As the nation’s leading organization to serve the men and women in the military, and their families, the USO remains in close alignment with military commands and goes where no other nonprofit goes to support the emergent needs of our Armed Forces. With the scale and scope of the USO, we are best positioned to mobilize and help service members and military families being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak – at home and abroad.


During this unprecedented time of social distancing, quarantines, and isolation, the USO’s mission of strengthening service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country is more critical than ever before. COVID-19 is a global health emergency impacting everyone. For our troops and military families, this pandemic is creating additional hardships for individuals who are already sacrificing while they continue to serve the county and carry out missions around the world.

•ISOLATION: Thousands of troops and families restricted to base or ships and some are under precautionary quarantine or in isolation
•DEPLOYMENT: National Guardsmen deployed to support civil authorities in areas being hit hardest by the coronavirus. Thousands are being called up
•PCS SEASON: Travel restrictions enforced just as Permanent Change of Station(PCS) moving season begins with hundreds of families now separated from their items already shipped overseas
•FAMILY: Military spouses, who often find themselves managing as a single parent, are now also dealing with childcare closures and homeschooling. Many are balancing this new normal while still working and some have lost their jobs


•USO2GO & USO CARE PACKAGES: Delivery to thousands of service members quarantined at isolated and remote locations overseas and in the U.S. Essential resources provided by the USO include hygiene products, laundry pods, individually wrapped snacks, and morale-focused programming such as puzzles, workout resistance bands and jump ropes. Learn more.
•MOBILE FLEET: The entire USO’s Mobile fleet is deployed across the U.S. to support National Guardsmen working to enforce border restrictions, sailors and marines assisting with hospital ships and ensuring essentials are brought to those quarantined or in isolation at local military installations. Food delivery to essential military personnel and military healthcare workers through requests directly from military leadership to USO. Learn more.
•VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING: We are adapting traditional center programs for virtual delivery, including entertainment engagements, story-time for families, military spouse programming like “Coffee Connections” networking events and “Discovering Your Spark” workshops, STEM events for our military teens and professional skill set training. Learn more.


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